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Sexual health is an important part of life that sometimes gets overlooked in the medical setting. For this reason, Dr. Silvana specializes in sexual health medicine and counseling. Through her extensive knowledge and expertise, she can properly assess and treat sexual health problems in patients. She approaches sexual health from a sex-positive perspective and is LGBTQ+ friendly, kink friendly, and poly friendly. 

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A wide range of sexual health concerns can be addressed through sexual health medicine & counseling. This includes, but is not limited to: low desire, difficulty achieving orgasm, erectile dysfunction, painful sex, vaginismus, sexual problems associated with menopause or chronic health conditions. Other topics such as gender identity, sexuality, and life transitions that affect sexual life (i.e. marriage, motherhood, etc) can be discussed in counseling as well. 

What is sexual health Medicine & counseling?

In sexual health medicine & counseling, a detailed history is taken to understand the underlying causes of the presenting problem. Depending on the presenting topic, Dr. Silvana might perform a physical exam and order laboratory studies in order to assess any physical causes and contributors to the problem. Treatment is always individualized to meet the patient's specific needs and may include psychological counseling, lifestyle changes, and natural medicine.